The revolutionary finishing paintbrush

Precision when painting edges

No more masking tape

Work like a pro, fast and effortlessly

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Wipic set £29.90 
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1 flat brush tip

The WIPIC ™ electric handle

1 round brush tip

+Wipic Wash

No more brushes that harden and become unusable. This airtight container allows you to wash and keep your brushes in good condition.



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Why Use a Vibrating Brush?


Vibrations guide the brush, which moves along on its own, leaving behind with precision a uniform layer of paint. Gone are the days of long annoying hours of masking tape.


Vibrations generated by the handle push the paint to the tip of the brush. The paint and brush bristles are in constant contact with the surface being painted and you don't need to dip your brush in paint as often.

Ease of use

The vibrations reduce wrist movements, which cause fatigue and inaccuracies. The brush easily deposits paint in a straight line. Painting becomes fun!

"Wipic is simple, fast and free of burrs"

Wipic works!

The innovative nature of the Wipic electric vibrating paintbrush enabled it to win the gold medal in two of the most prestigious competitions recognizing inventors.

Lepine International Contest, Paris 2007

International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva 2007

WIPIC is a unique and innovative product which is protected under the following worldwide patents:

- International Patent application N° PCT/EP2009/054361

- International Registered Design DM/070632

Customer testimonials


You may think that this is just one more gadget, and then discover a surprising, well thought out tool which really makes life easier in difficult situations. Avoid masking tape in 90% of situations. After 15 minutes of use, you will very quickly discover that this tool is a little marvel if you take the time to follow its instructions for use. It prepares the contours of smooth surfaces, but is also impressively efficient on textured surfaces such as fiberglass (even when it is untreated) and rough cast finishes. You will discover its potential through using it in different situations.

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A friend told me about Wipic. I bought mine to repaint my window frames. What I once considered a menial task was transformed into a piece of cake! Thanks to the precision of the paintbrush, I no longer needed to mask each window, which is a huge time-saver. The result is perfect and I am truly delighted with my purchase.

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Syl. S.

While somewhat skeptical at first, I have to say that this paintbrush is truly efficient and the result is precise. I will recommend this product to my friends and family.

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