How to use the vibrating electric paintbrush ?

The Wipic vibrating electric paintbrush will make your precision paint jobs take much less time. But, like with any new tool, it takes some getting used to. After a few test runs, and by applying the advice in this video, you will quickly obtain excellent results.

Lets Get Started!

To start, when connecting the flat brush tip, make sure that the bristles are aligned with the switch as to facilitate switch access and ensure a good grip.

During the first times you use it, don't overlad the paintbrush with too much paint. The right amount will become clear with practice.

Turn on the vibrating brush. Don't worry, the vibrations won't cause paint spray when starting up.

Hold the paintbrush like a pen, from the back end of the handle, so that you don't affect the vibrations. Place the brush tip flat, parallel to the surface to be painted, a few centimeters from it.

The brush angle is important. Being to tilted or too flat, you will lose all of the brush precision. The correct position is half-way in-between and makes an angle of approximately 45°.

Gently use the surface opposite that which you will be painting as support. This surface shouldn't be though of as an enemy but an ally which will guide you. This is the same idea as Wipic.

The vibrations allow for the placing of paint and aid in moving the paintbrush. At the end of the line, keeping the vibrations on, expand the area you just painted and take up painting once again.

To always keep your eye on the brush tip, you can hold Wipic both in your left and right hand. The vibrations help you to paint and increase precision, no matter which hand you are using.

To maintain a constant and consistent contact with the surface to be painted, the pressure you exert on the WIPIC is important. Not enough pressure and the paint layer will be irregular or have holes; too much pressure and the paint will go over onto the other surface. The pressure should be light, sufficient and constant.

After turning off the vibrations, you can use WIPIC like a normal paintbrush. To remove the brush tip, hold the brush by its front part.

These movements will quickly become natural. You will be able to hold the Wipic in all positions, with both your left and right hand, in horizontal and vertical positions, and at 45° like when painting a stairwell. With a little practice, you will paint with the precision and speed of a professional.