Tips and Tricks

Make the Most of Your WIPIC

You have realized the efficiency of the Wipic vibrating electric paintbrush and the amount of time that it will save you by cutting out masking and cleaning tasks. Here are some tips and tricks that will allow you to make the most of your Wipic.

Some Tips and Tricks

At the end of a cut-in line, expand the painted zone. By turning off the vibrations, you can use Wipic like a normal paintbrush.

The Wipic round brush tip allows you to get closest to angles (door panels, window panes, wall angles). Once the angles are done, switch back to the flat brush tip to cut in.

Between brush tip changes, don't hesitate to use Wipic Wash, to avoid having paint dry on the brush tip which is not in use.

To paint narrow surfaces, like the edge of windows, after getting the bristles as close as possible to the surface to be painted, progressively tilt the brush to get to the recommended 45°, before letting the brush slide.

To start painting again after dipping the brush in paint, take up painting once again by overlaping a couple of centimeters with the previous pass.

Wipic's vibrations push the paint towards the tip of the paintbrush. When you paint a ceiling, it's possible to use more paint without the risk of drips, allowing you to cover more surface.

In the case of a holes or small dips, the vibrations help the paint penetrate them. To perfect the work, particularly on woodwork or antique windows, reseal with acrylic before painting.

Extend the life of your brush tips thanks to Wipic Wash's clever cleaning and storage system. Using it, you will avoid having to constantly buy new brushes with each new paint job.

Usually, you clean your paint brushes under a faucet, consuming a huge amount of water which runs, extremely polluted, into the drain. Wipic is ecological because, thanks to the vibrations, the bristles can be thoroughly cleaned without using a large quantity of water or solvent.

After drying, the brush tip can be stored neatly in Wipic Wash. This simple cleaning and storage method guarantees that your Wipic brush tips have a long lifespan.