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The WIPIC Electric Brush: Combining Efficiency, Savings and Ecology

The WIPIC electric brush spares you from masking and cleaning, a huge time-saver and more efficient way to paint. This saves you from buying expensive protection products, and on top of that, you can reuse brush tips which remain intact using Wipic Wash. This handy little container is also ecological, because in combination with the vibrations, it allows for the deep cleaning of brush tips using very little water.

Wipic Wash

Wipic Wash is an airtight container whose lid fits perfectly with Wipic brush tips. Between two brush tip changes, don't hesitate to use Wipic Wash to avoid having paint dry on the bristles of the brush tip not in use. That way, your brush will always be like new between two uses. Wipic Wash also permits the washing of the paintbrush with a small quantity of water or solvent before a colour change.

Tips and Tricks with the WIPIC Electric Brush

You have realized the efficiency of the WIPIC electric vibrating paintbrush and the amount of time that it saves you by cutting out masking and cleaning tasks. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your WIPIC.

Get Started with the WIPIC Electric Paintbrush

Learn the basic skills that will allow you to quickly master the WIPIC electric paintbrush. The correct grip, the positioning of the paintbrush on the surface you are painting, the amount of pressure, the amount of paint, etc. With a little practice, you will paint like a professional: a fast and quality job.

How to Use the WIPIC Electric Paintbrush

The WIPIC electric paintbrush will save you a lot of time in precision painting tasks. But like with any new tool, it will take some getting used to. After some test runs, and by applying the detailed advice in this video, you will quickly obtain excellent results. Try it for yourself!

Decoration with the WIPIC Electric Paintbrush

The WIPIC electric paintbrush comes with a both a flat and a round brush tip. This will allow you to sucessfully complete decoration work requiring absolute precision, like painting around ceiling mouldings. In addition, you can also paint decorative designs if you have an artistic touch! When it comes to precision painting, whether in new construction, renovations or for decoration, the WIPIC vibrating electric paintbrush will become your tool of choice.

WIPIC Electric Paintbrush Applications

The WIPIC electric paintbrush will quickly become your essential tool for all precision work. Anywhere where you have to cut in, that is, apply a coat of paint against another surface onto which is must not overlap, Wipic will be a great help to you. It has numerous applications, such as painting window frames, door frames, the edge of a wall without touching the ceiling, the top or bottom of a baseboard, painting around a switch, etc. Wipic is perfectly adapted to the application of all types of paint; stain or varnish, acrylic or glycero.

How the WIPIC Electric Paintbrush Works

The handle of the paintbrush contains a small electric motor that uses two AA LR6 1.5V standard or rechargeable batteries. Upon being turned on, the engine vibrates the brush tip and these vibrations allow for a uniform paint layer by pushing paint towards the tip of the brush. The second function of the vibrations is to aid the smooth movement of the brush over the surface being painted. This smooth movement, without brush strokes, allows for the easy painting of edges without going over.

The Advantages of the WIPIC Electric Paintbrush

Before, when you wanted to do precise and clean cut-ins for windows or woodwork, the masking tape stage was essential. Applying protective tape takes a long time, as much to apply them as to remove them. That's not even taking into account the costs that they may pose if the surface to be painted is important. But today, thanks to the Wipic electric paintbrush, it is no longer necessary to go through the process of masking and removing tape. You will obtain a clean and precise result much faster than before.

Presentation of the WIPIC Elecrtic Paintbrush

The Wipic brush makes applying paint in areas requiring high presicion easy. It's no longer you doing the work, but rather the paintbrush; it's vibrations allow for smooth movement and uniform paint application. Forget about tedious masking tape application. With the Wipic vibrating electric paintbrush, painting becomes fun!

WIPIC - The Electric Paintbrush for Cutting In

Forget traditional cut-in paint brushes for painting edges. Discover Wipic, the first electric paintbrush specifically designed for finishing paint jobs. Whether to paint the edge of walls, ceilings, windows, or mouldings, this high-precision paintbrush saves you from using masking tape. Do professional-quality painting work quickly and effortlessly.