Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of paint can I use with WIPIC?

All acrylic paints, oil based paints, environmentally friendly paints, varnishes (acrylic and oil based) and glazes. Tip: Use high quality paints with good coverage.

What is WIPIC's battery life?

For your reference, rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 1700mAh will guarantee a battery life of a minimum of 8 hours.

Should I use the flat brush tip or the round brush tip?

The flat brush tip is designed for straight work, whereas the round brush tip is better for working around edges and preparing closed angles.

What kind of batteries should I use with WIPIC?

WIPIC is designed to operate with two rechargeable AA or LR6 batteries. The voltage of the battery is 1.2 V as opposed to 1.5 V for conventional batteries. If you continue to use conventional 1.5 V batteries, you will have to run the brush at a slightly higher vibration and adjust the paint load. Practice, however, will allow you to easily use both types of batteries, but do not forget that using rechargeable batteries helps preserve our planet.

Can I find other brush tip sizes than those sold in the kit?

Not yet, but other dimensions are being studied.