Get All of the Edges with Wipic!

Wherever you have to cut in, that is, apply a paint coat against another surface onto which it must not overlap, Wipic will be a great help to you.

Some Examples

Paint the top edge of a wall without touching the ceiling.

Paint a wall without touching the door frame.

Paint corners without going over.

Cleanly paint around plugs and switches.

Paint ceilings without touching rose windows or cornices.

Paint window frames.

Paint along the edge of doors or mouldings.

Paint along baseboards.

Paint hard-to-reach surfaces, even ones outside.

WIPIC works just as well on flat surfaces as on uneven ones, like glassfiber or plaster, for example.

WIPIC is perfectly suited to the application of any type of paint, stain or varnish, acrylic or glycero.

Thanks to the vibrations generated by the brush handle, the paint is pushed to the tip and is applied with great precision, rendering masking tape useless. You'll soon be asking yourself how you painted before owning your Wipic brush!